Swears, lies and videotape: Andrew Mitchell, the police and left-wing hypocrisy

In recently exposing discrepancies (which most of us would call lies) in the police story about Andrew Mitchell and ‘Gategate’, Channel 4 has opened a can of worms. No-one can really be surprised that the police may have lied over this incident, after the examples of rumours and false statements following other infamous incidents, such as those involving Jean-Charles de Menezes, Ian Tomlinson, Mohammed Abdul Kahar (the Forest Gate raid) and Mark Duggan.

What is surprising is that so many ‘left-wingers’, who would normally be sceptical of any pronouncement by the police, were ready to believe a confidential police report leaked to the Sun of all newspapers. Well their chickens have now come home to roost.

It’s not that amazing that deadhead Ed Miliband went to ground after the Dispatches programme, here he is using the pleb reference and calling Mitchell “toast”. Has he apologised to Andrew Mitchell and asked David Cameron to reinstate him yet? I won’t hold my breath.

This is typical of the hypocrisy from Miliband, the Labour party and those on the ‘left’ where any Tory is concerned: spouting their usual class-war hatred and spitting vitriol, showing the real face of socialism – the truth that forever undermines their claims that socialism is a caring doctrine. Just watch Ed’s face in that video to see the concern on it.


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