Brexit case blown out the water by Brexiteer

More political legerdemain from Brexiteers: whoever this Tory minister is on Radio 4’s Today has just blown the whole raison d’etre of Brexit out the water.

Remember one of the reasons to leave is so that we can reduce bureaucracy? All that red tape that comes from the evil EU dictatorship that we have no say in (apart from the same elections that all EU citizens vote in).

Her: “Yes, we’ve agreed that we’ll need regulatory equivalence. But what about animal welfare, for example? We may want more rigorous standards – we can now do that and we’ll still meet the lower EU standards”

So we haven’t got rid of bureaucracy, we’re planning to increase it. (But that’s ok if it’s British politicians that rule us, not Johnny Foreigner.)

And we could have done this anyway within the EU.

And we could have lobbied for ALL the EU to follow those higher standards.

So we’re making it more expensive for our farmers to do business AND they’ll have to compete with EU farmers with lower standards and hence costs.

And the Tory government are trying to paint this as a win? That Brexit is still a good deal? How stupid do they think we are?

Oh, hang on… they know: 52% stupid.

Useful fools.

You’ve handed unrestricted surveillance and police powers to authoritarian May (or, soon, Corbyn).

You’ve given us MORE red tape.

We still have to agree to meet EU laws and standards.

You’ve not taken control of the border, as anyone in the EU can fly to Dublin, drive up the M1 to Belfast and get a ferry to mainland Britain.

And we’re paying MORE to the EU for the privilege of leaving.

You’ve been hoodwinked.

We told you so.

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